The GFT CT Shoring Tower System benefits from the FCD coupling system, (a self-locking pivoting wedge that hooks into a stirrup) so that towers can be linked together quickly with ease and safety. As soon as a triangular frame is positioned on a stirrup, the edge pivots automatically, instantaneously securing the system: – Quicker erection in complete safety, – Fewer erection personnel needed. Meaningless time and greater efficiency Owing to its triangular design, the CT Shoring Tower System ensures active safety throughout erection. The CT Shoring Tower System has triangular frame & ledger act as guardrails for the erectors. The steel platforms of the CT range can also be fitted to the triangles to provide a working platform in complete safety. In most cases, only 5 components are needed to erect CT Shoring towers. Erection is extremely simple and is carried out very quickly by assembling: – The basic standard, the triangular frame, the CT head jack, the adjustable base jack, the ledger. On complicated sites, the CT Shoring Tower can be fitted as an option with telescopic components that fit to the top or bottom of the towers and can be used to increase the nominal height of the towers by about 1.20 m. The towers can be extended laterally using FCD linking components into any configuration necessary for the site. CT Shoring towers can be shifted in 2 ways: With a crane. In this case they should be bolted using the usual erection practices, Using the shifting frame.
The CT Shoring Tower System is designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12182 : 2008, code of practice for Falsework