vshore product

The V&P Shoring System is the ideal system for the construction of engineering projects such as :
Highway Bridges, Commercial Building, Heavy Slabs, High-Level Slabs
The System is an assembled Shoring Tower consisting of three main durable steel components:
Frames, Braces, Adjustable U-Head & Base Jack
The simplification of the V&P Shoring System delivers real Advantages such as:
-Selection, assembly, and erection are simplified.
-Stripping is more orderly and easily managed.
-Erection and stripping speeds are maximized.
-Transport and storage are simplified.
-Components are lightweight and easy to handle.
-Components are compactly designed and easy to transport and store.
-Design involves large grids and offers the flexibility of support arrangements.
These in turn make it easier for the engineer to increase or decrease frame grid position relative to the concrete thickness to be Supported. Also offers a shoring capability with an infinite height adjustment.