GFT Health & Safety

“We aim to produce only quality products that can be used safely and are accompanied by the necessary information.”

It is our customers right to receive all necessary information, service and support in order to provide a safe and efficient use of GFT products on construction sites. We employ highly qualified technical and operational staff to provide our business units and customers with expert advice on all our products.

We follow the objectives of the European and Local regulations for the control of products, which provides a framework for the production and utilization of the material without risks.

GFT product safety assessment

We assess our products prior to marketing to identify any health and safety concerns and to ensure that they are compliant with product safety legislation in these markets.

Our product safety assessment starts with a review of the raw materials used to manufacture or formulate products. Key parts of our product safety assessment process are subject to internal and external quality review.

Product labeling

Information on hazards and risks, as well as safe handling advice, is communicated to users of products through the product`s assembly and application guide which is referred to on the product stickers.
We review the potential hazards and risks associated with our products and provide advice to customers on the measures necessary to prevent or minimize potential risks to human health or the environment.

Compliance and collaboration

We work closely with construction sector to advance scientific knowledge about the safe use of our products and we work with regulators to develop and enhance health and safety standards. Furthermore due to our vast knowledge and experience in this field, we also perform as formwork and scaffolding consultants.